This is the story of three friends, Chan, Nary and Nak. They all live in the same village and study in the same class. One day, just like every day, Nary and Nak cycled to Chan’s house on the way to school to pick her up as she doesn’t have a bicycle of her own.

When Nak, Nary and Chan arrived at school their teacher greeted them just like every day. She was a good teacher and they all liked her. That morning she told the class that they would be learning four important messages so they needed to listen and pay attention.

Then the teacher explained that the four messages would help them understand why they need to look after themselves and how to keep safe. First she held up the first message which said: “I am valuable and so are you!” And then Nary helped her hold  up the second message which said: “Safety is my right”

Chan was next and helped the teacher hold up the third message which said: “My body belongs to me!” Finally Nak helped with the fourth message which said: “I can get help!”

Now we are going to look at which areas where it is OK to be touched and where it is not.

Later that day on their way home from school, Nak, Nary and Chan met Mr. Cool (“Calib”) who was driving by on his motorbike. They knew him from the village but he had never spoken to them before so they were surprised when he stopped to talk to them.

As they chatted, Calib let Nak look at his motorbike because he could see he really liked it. Then he noticed Nary’s mobile phone and showed her the new one he’d just bought in the market. But he didn’t seem to notice Chan so she just stood on her own looking at the three of them.

The next day Calib took Nak for a ride on his motorbike. Once they were out of the village he let Nak drive. Nak was very happy. He had always wanted to drive a motorbike but his parents would not let him.  Calib seemed like a very kind man.

Later that day Calib went to see Chan near her home. She was surprised to see him after he had ignored her the day before. This time though he was very friendly and offered her a mobile phone before hugging her closely. Chan felt pleased about the phone but did not feel comfortable when he hugged her.

The next day Chan told Nary about Calib’s visit and how he had hugged her after giving her the mobile phone. She was not happy about it and felt scared in case he tried to touch her again.

Whilst Chan was talking, Nak was hiding behind the tree. He had been feeling unhappy too so when he heard Chan’s story, he came out from behind the tree and told Chan and Nary what had happened to him after the motorbike ride with Calib.

Nary was upset for her friends when she heard their stories. What Calib did was wrong. It made her think that if he had touched Nak on his private parts and touched Chan in a wrong way too, he might do the same to her.

After talking, Nak, Nary and Chan remembered the messages they had learnt at school and wished they hadn’t forgotten them when they met Calib.  But even though Nak had already been touched on his private parts, he knew he could still seek help. And even though Chan had already been touched in a bad way, she knew she could still get help. And even though Nary was only worried about being touched, she knew it was still right for her to seek help.

Chan called the free Child Helpline number to get help. 

After Chan had called Child Helpline, Nak, Nary and Chan also spoke to their teacher and their teacher told the police what had happened. Then the police arrested Calib.